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Assault Charges

There are many forms of assault including domestic assault, spousal assault, assaults on other people (friends or strangers), sexual assault, assault with a weapon and aggravated assault. Assault charges usually fall into three general categories: criminal harassment, uttering threats or actual physical assaults. The maximum penalty for an assault conviction is five years imprisonment, although more serious assaults may provoke harsher punishment by the Court.

If you’ve been involved in an altercation that caused injury or bodily harm, that same person who filed the assault charge may also sue you for civil damages during or after your criminal case. Being mindful of this, our accomplished assault lawyers will be very calculated in their approach throughout the proceedings, ensuring that we protect your interests at all times.

Spousal Assault & Domestic Assault

Domestic assault involves a dispute within a home between people living together. A spousal assault involves a dispute between two people in a relationship, whether they be dating, common law or married. These types of assault charges are taken very seriously by society and are vigorously prosecuted by Crown counsel.

If you’ve been charged with domestic assault and/or spousal assault, do not speak with anyone about the charge until you’ve consulted an experienced assault lawyer. Your Pender Litigation lawyer will advise you on your rights and explain your available defences. We’ll then conduct the case in a way that best fits the situation, whether that’s an aggressive attack of the alleged victim at trial, or a collaborative approach involving the prosecutor. Either way, Pender Litigation assault lawyers will always take into account your unique circumstances, as well as the effect on your family.

Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual offences carry a huge stigma. We have vast experience dealing with sensitive and highly publicized cases. If you are facing sexual assault charges such as sexual exploitation, sexual interference, sexual touching, possession of child pornography, internet luring, voyeurism, indecent acts or other sexual crimes, we will strive to protect your privacy. We understand the importance in proceeding with the utmost discretion with sexual assault charges, including appearing on your behalf in court so you can avoid scrutiny by the public.

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