Drug Charges

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Pender Litigation handle a number of drug charges ranging from the relatively minor (possession of marijuana) to the major (trafficking large quantities of hard drugs). In any case, a conviction will have a significant impact on your life, including a lengthy jail sentence and restrictions on your ability to travel for a long period of time. You’ll need a highly skilled drug lawyer who has extensive experience with drug charges and is intensely familiar with all of the available defences.

Drug Possession

If you have been charged with drug possession or caught dealing drugs from a vehicle or a residence as part of a dial-a-dope operation, we can help. Each drug lawyer at Pender Litigation knows the ins and outs of the law of search and seizure, including vehicles and electronic devices such as cell phones, smart phones and computers.

Marijuana Grow-Ops

Our drug lawyers have defended hundreds of clients who have been arrested and charged with operating a marijuana grow-op. We understand the intricate and technical requirements the Crown has to prove and we know the defences that are likely to work. Theft of Electricity charges are often part of grow-op cases and we have successfully defended clients charged with related offences as well. We understand the investigation techniques used by the police, and can easily identify mistakes and weaknesses in the Crown’s case against you.

Firearm Possession

Firearm possession and weapons charges are very serious offences in Canada. Recent amendments to the Criminal Code mean these charges carry significant penalties, including mandatory minimum jail sentences. If you have been charged with firearm possession or another weapons offence, you’ll require an experienced criminal lawyer to defend you—do not attempt to defend yourself. Pender Litigation’s lawyers know how to negotiate with Crown so that you won’t have to go to jail.

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