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Sometimes referred to as “White collar crimes”, theft and other financial offences sometimes have almost as much to do with salvaging reputations and careers as they do with defending against criminal charges.

Many of Pender Litigation’s white collar crime clients have never been in trouble with the law before. For many, this is their first encounter with the legal system, and the experience is confusing and intimidating.

While many face substantial fines and jail, the possibility of a criminal record if convicted, almost as important is the noncriminal long-term consequence to a client’s career and reputation. This is especially true if the charge has to do with a client’s employment or business activities, or if he or she was in a position of trust when the alleged crime was committed.

Our Vancouver theft/fraud lawyers can deal with many kinds of charges, including:

  • Theft under $5000
  • Theft over $5000
  • Fraud, including bank, credit card, mortgage and securities
  • Employee theft
  • Embezzlement
  • Forgery
  • Breach of trust
  • Internet crime
  • Misappropriation of funds
  • Possession of stolen property

Many of these investigations are lengthy, and you may suspect you are under investigation long before a charge is laid against you. If this is the case, protect yourself. Come and speak to us, and let us help you.

Theft FAQ

What is theft?

Theft under Canadian criminal law is a non-violent property offence that covers both shoplifting and taking or converting another person’s property without their consent. Classified according to the value of the subject of the offence, theft under $5,000 is distinguished from that over $5,000.

What is the difference between theft and fraud?

Theft is similar to fraud in that both involve the deprivation of money or property, and both are classified according to the value of the subject of the offence (under or over $5,000). But while property is taken in theft, it’s offered in fraud. That is, victims of fraud willingly forfeit their property to fraudsters under false pretenses.

What are the penalties for theft?

Penalties for theft depend on the value of the subject of the offence, the accused’s criminal history and personal circumstances, and the presence of aggravating factors. In determining what sentence to seek, the Crown will assess the value of the stolen items, the level of trust breached, whether you have a criminal history, and the situation from which the theft arose.

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