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Allegations of professional misconduct can be devastating to your career. Whether you are a doctor, teacher, police officer or firefighter to name just a few, our professional misconduct lawyers are there to help you work through the particulars of the regulatory body with oversight of the investigation. It can be particularly important to retain counsel at the outset of any investigation to ensure that nothing is done, even unintentionally, that worsens your situation.

Building a multi-faceted Defence

Professionals accused of misconduct can feel like they are being pushed and pulled at the same time. In the regulatory context, a professional can be required to cooperate with investigators. Should criminal charges arise from the same allegations then you have a right to silence that ought to be exercised. Navigating this situation requires experienced professional misconduct lawyers.

Whether it’s part of an investigation, in front of a regulatory body or in the courtroom our professional discipline lawyers are there to help you through a challenging situation. 

If you have even a hint of being accused of professional misconduct contact one of our lawyers immediately.  

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