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Your automobile insurance is a contract between you and ICBC. When you are involved in a collision you have certain responsibilities with ICBC. If these responsibilities aren’t properly handled then you run the risk of being found in breach of your insurance contract and being indebted to ICBC for whatever they have paid out in relation to the accident. Even a minor collision runs into the thousands of dollars. 

If there is any sort of police involvement with your collision then we can help to ensure that you aren’t found to be in breach of your insurance. We assist with:

  • Getting your version of events
  • Drafting your statement to ICBC
  • Advocating with ICBC in relation to any findings of fault or breach
  • Negotiating amounts if a debt is owed
  • Referring you to personal injury lawyers if needed

Don’t go it alone. Contact our ICBC defence lawyers before you speak to ICBC and risk providing the evidence ICBC needs to find you in breach and collect money from you.

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Pender Litigation

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